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Follow the (Latter Day) Prophets 

I teach nursery at church and we are teaching them about how we have living prophets but that "Follow the Prophets" song (pg 110 in Children's Songbook) has NO Book of Mormon prophets (or Joseph Smith, etc.) SO I made some up. Here they are. Maybe they will be useful to someone:

Samuel the Lamanite:

Samuel was a prophet, high on the city wall
arrows could not hit him, and he could not fall
this Lamanite was sent, with the gospel true
to bring the Nephites back, it was all that he could do

Lehi (and Nephi, I guess)

Lehi was a prophet, called to cross the sea,
kept the plates of Laban, safe for you and me
Nephi's older brothers would often go amiss
but some of their descendents would get to see Jesus!

(OKAY, it was stretch, if you want to help me out..)

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Joseph was a prophet, kneeling in the trees
When Jesus came back, to restore the gospel keys
Now we have a prophet, in these latter days
to help us live righteously, with the gospel rays!

Final Thought

I was talking to a friend earlier today about life and how people try to "Find themselves" and I came to the conclusion that we really aren't here to find ourselves, but to serve others, and this is why I think that:

1) We are here to learn and be exalted.
2) so... We are exalted by learning about God, following the precepts..charity..service...etc.
3) then...I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the serviceā€¢ of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.
4) also...You can only find yourself when you lose yourself
5) Finally, since we remember 90% of what we teach and we usually teach by example... it's what we are DOING that seems to be more important than what we are learning


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