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The Family: A Proclamation 

Wow - this is why I have a blog. Who else could I spout all this out to?
Sorry in advance. If I knew how to hook links up whenever I wanted to I'm sure I'd have a ton. FYI - this is in response the "September 6" question I asked at Bob&Logan's blog. Thanks, guys!

"...marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God...

It is not "good" that man should be alone. Holy cow. Moses tells us that Eve was made to be Adam's help-meet.

"..and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

Can you think of any other connection between people that is stronger than the bonds of the family. There are situations that arise when you may be close to someone or another family - but it's still that ---- bond, that tie that connects you. And in Isaiah, wow, I love this verse, 45:18 "...he formed it to be inhabited."

And in response to ms. whomever's the world doesn't have enough food/oil/water/whatever, hasn't she been paying attention? If people (read: nations) would share and spread the wealth of the world around, there'd be plenty. Maybe not 96% of America would be obese, but there'd be plenty of food (especially).

"All human beings - male and female - are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny."

How magnificent! I have a model, someone to grow up and be like. Forget Mike. I can be like my Heavenly Father, because he loves me. And not just me, but ALL of us. What potential. Every time I see a little baby or someone in my nursery is being a poo-head, I just step back and think, "wow. I get to know you!" How amazing.
And, personally, I can look in the mirror and be okay with the bad hair/acne/crooked teeth/whatever and recognize that I am awesome. (laughs)

"Gender is an essential characteristic of an individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose"

Duh. I am so me, that I can't possibly imagine being something different. Inside everyone, everyone has a role that beckons them. I'm going to tell you story, then end, because this is really long and it's midnight.

When I moved out to San Diego I met a guy. This is not really the thing to do because I lived in Hillcrest (the "gay" part of SD). Okay, so we get to know each other and yadda, and one day I am really brave and say " " are you gay? (Forgive me, maybe that was blunt, but whatever.) He starts to laugh and says, "Everyone asks me that!" He ended up going to church now and then with me, but then he moved and I lost touch. I wonder how many people act or dress or have talents in certain areas and feel "pushed" into roles that aren't "theirs" but ... I don't know. We talked a lot about that.

As to the whole "woman thing." What a bunch of crock. (is that a bad word?) YES there are some things that MEN do better than WOMEN. and VICE VERSA. Okay. It's okay, the world will not end. What is the big brouhaha? NOW, I know that in the 60's there was a crack-pot book out about meeting your husband in Saran wrap and taking showers at 4 in the afternoon so you always looked refreshed or something but... honestly! Geez. and when it comes to the Priesthood - if you have something to say you are walking a really fine line. Especially drawing pioneer saints into the fray when you KNOW that they would not agree with you. I have read some of the journals and never have I read that they ever, ever made a fit about "oh, boo hoo, we don't hold the priesthood." Why would you want it? You get to be moms and wives. Isn't that enough responsibility for you? Holy cow.

Well, that was hugely long and only 2 paragraphs. I can't wait for tomorrow!
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