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Proclamation, Paragraphs 3 

"In the premortal realm.."

I love that I know where I came from. There is this picture I use in nursery that shows a book lying flat on a table that shows the Nephi on the right and Moroni on the left and across the book are depictions of Book of Mormon stories. I see my "life" like that. There I was, here I am and that's where I am going. What's even better is that in some instances I can look back and say I know some of the things that happened in the "before" part. I believe that everyone, deep inside, can honestly say, "I am not just a momentary being." I have always been and always will be.

"..spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father..."

He wasn't some unknowable. He wasn't remote. He wasn't abusive. We worshipped Him. I think of a little child who just adores their parents. Albeit, we probably had a tad bit more knowledge - I think it's like that love. "Okay, Papa, and I love you."

"...and accepted His plan by which His children obtain a physical body and could gain earthly experience..."

to gain earthly experience. What a two edged sword. So many great things and then - oh. so many terrible ones. But in the end we realize it was truly just a moment in time and we weren't really "harmed." Granted, this is a simplistic view, but I recognize the futility in trying to get you to see all my examples but here's one - the man in the concentration camp who was thankful for the fleas. The fleas kept the SS away and them safe. ... it's called eternal perspective. They are a great pair of glasses to have on.

"...to progress toward perfection..."

This past Sunday was Fast and Testimony. Oh, I love F&T Sundays. Sis C. (Not that C, Renee) stood up and was talking about the Primary and all that they are learning. She then said, I love that we have to be our best but that even then our best isn't good enough, so when I am not at my best I still don't have to beat myself up. ( yay! This should be at Bob & Logan's guilt trip thread) I love saints who think they are already perfect. I just smile and nod, whatever.

"...and ultimately realize his or her divine destiny as an heir of eternal life."

This is so Romans. "and a joint-heir with Christ." BUT - it's my own. Absolutely Christ helped us, he did most of the work, actually, but I stood my ground, too, and did my best. It's my destiny. I think to a funeral I went to not long ago and all the people were talking about 'joining the body of Christ.' I was very confused so I asked one of the clergy there - "what are you talking about?" First, don't question someone else's faith in their own church and Two, be prepared to back up your question!
He looked at me with a bit of disgust and said, "We are told in (whatever book) that when we die we are joined to the body of Christ."

To which I replied, "Literally joined?"

In my head the thought read, "Literally joined, like all the 2000 parts? Can I be a knuckle?"
He walked away. I guess they weren't converting that month.

"The divine plan of happiness..."

We are here to be happy. WOW! Not prozac or paxil happy - truly happy. There is so much that I could say here - suffice it with "Adam fell that men might be..." and that through service of ANY type you can be happy. By the way shout out to Dan U. for helping me scrape off my car on Sunday. what a doll!

"...enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave."

I recently had an acquaintance die. Now, she was fairly ill, and it was probably her "time." But her husband - oh, I felt so bad for him. On the flip side, my cousins are our family religion and my mom was talking with her one day and somehow the mention of temples came up. She, um, tartly asked, "So, my family's not forever because we aren't Mormon?" (that might be paraphrased, I am relating this second hand.) Well, yeah, actually. What were your vows? Do you recall saying "till death do us part?"
Now, I will profess ignorance in regard to temple marriages, but I am one hundred percent sure that when you leave you aren't thinking, "Will this really last for eternity?" I don't think so.

"Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples..."

Speaking of temples. The ancient church had temples. The Jews had a temple. Christ taught in the temple. Don't people think it's a little odd that the only church on this Earth that has temples is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Speaking of which - all throughout the Bible we hear of covenants (i.e. Abrahamic) do these priests and ecclesiastical leaders really believe that if you "just believe and have faith" ????? Agh!! anyway. to continue -

"...make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God..."

That's pretty self explanatory..

"... and for families to be united eternally."

Marriage has been made a mockery of. When we mock sacred things, are we not also mocking God? Families are of such importance but .. why be married? why commit when you don't have to?

The only day that I fear will be the day that will cause people to want sustain their familial relationships, because it's going to have to be worse than WWII, 9-11, ... etc., because although momentarily they underlined the importance of family it lasted all of what? One generation for WWII and a year, maybe 18 months, after the 11th?
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