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1 Nephi 2 

Okay, so Lehi and his family are leaving Jerusalem and Laman and Lemuel are murmuring.

Lehi, in leaving, left all of his stuff. I think about all the stuff that I would conside precious to me (my books, my fluffy comforter, etc.) and they just left it. It reminds me a little bit of missionaries, too. They are called to leave home and take nothing to go and obediently preach.

In verse 7, Lehi builds an alter to make an offering and give thanks. They'd been traveling for three days in the wilderness, were probably tired, hungry and dirty and yet they stop to give thanks. I love the many examples of obedience (Duet. 27:5-6) that are found in the scriptures that we can follow. I think of this after I've had grumpy days and am not feeling particularly thankful for anything.

One of the interesting things to note in this chapter is Laman and Lemuel's attitude and what they do about it versus Nephi's attitude and his actions.
Laman and Lemuel didn't believe in the things their father was saying so they were murmuring, complaining, and mocking their father.
Nephi wanted to know what his father knew. Honestly, these were some pretty intense things he was prophesying about. So he prayed and asked. Then, because he then knew!, the testified to his brothers.

Lehi must have been a great man. The love that he showed for his sons in 8-10, he knew they were struggling but he wanted so much for them to be filled with the love and spirit of the Lord. I was reading verse 14 and apparently had never read it before (kidding) but for Lehi to have been filled with the spirit so much that his sons shook before him and they were confounded! It reminded me a little of Alma, he loved Alma the Younger but knew that he couldn't continue on the path that he was on or he would be destroyed.

I can't imagine living in a world where we could not, consistently, about anything, talk to our Heavenly Father and receive answers! How sad and alone we would be! It's interesting, too, the things that our Father lets us know, for example in verse 20-24, that'd they all be in that choice land but that their families would be in conflict with each other, and why? So they would remember their God.

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