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1 Nephi 3 

You know I've just been waiting to get to this chapter!

"If we seek first the kingdom of God, all good things will be added."
- Joseph Fielding Smith

Some really important things are going on in this chapter (and the next) so if ideas are out of context or seem choppy, sorry.

the brass plates
we know that in order for civilization/society to survive (let alond flourish) we need some sort of a written language. When Lehi and his family left they took nothing to record their journey, nothing to teach or keep the language. We also know that families are vital to our Heavenly Father's plan for us, Lehi was commanded to have his sons go back to Jerusalem and get the geneological record from Laban.

Laban was a jerk. (laughs) One of the things that I have learned from studies was that Jewish leaders were not supposed to meet at night. Laws, decisions, etc., were to be made during the day. So, immediately we see that Laban probably isn't very obedient. Then we see that he is, probably because of his "influence," greedy, mean, slothful and drunk. Not clever things to be. We'll see how this works out.

"save he shall prepare a way"
Nephi's faith is extraordinary (to me). What was being proposed here was almost suicide. We know that Laban won't be a friend, even though he is probably a relative. We know that the people in the city were angry with Lehi (and so, his sons) and they aren't really safe. We know that they want records, some of which were probably sacred writings and there were probably others who didn't want them to get their hands of those, either. So, they had some road blocks. Not to mention Laman and Lemuel.

In re: to verse 17-- King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem in 586 BC. The captivity of the Jews had started a year before that. If the Lord had sent them back any later they probably wouldn't have been able to get to the records, let alone get them out.

Anyway, Laman and Lemuel are convinced to head back and get the plates. They get back to Jerusalem and start planning, "How are we going to get these plates?" Notice, the first thing that comes to mind is, "Our gold, silver, etc." They are going to try to buy the plates from Laban.
And it just might work, he's greedy. Well, no. He tries to kill them instead. It's going to become noticeable here that when we trust in earthly answers for spiritual problems... The answers don't work, eh? Even after the angel comes and talks to them they doubt, "he can slay fifty! Why not us??"

So the boys run and Laman and Lemuel are so mad they try to kill Nephi. This first try isn't going so well. As a matter of fact, it gets so bad an angel comes to save Nephi. And as soon as the angel departs... Laman and Lemuel start murmuring again!! HELLO! Sometimes I think, "What would happen if I saw an angel?" and then I laugh. (But I sincerely hope that I wouldn't start to murmur!!)

When I think about the fact that they had to really work to get their sacred records... How do I treat mine? There was so much vital information in those plates and Lehi and his family needed, how much is in the book of Mormon that I use and am thankful for? And, more importantly, am I willing to share? (ooooh, deep thought!)

this is interesting:

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