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1 Nephi 5 

Agh! I forgot some things in the last chapter. Oh well, I'll try to get it all in this time and I have a treat for you regarding verse 14 and mtDNA! fun!

First of all, "the boys" have been gone quite awhile and like any good mum Sariah was a wee bit nervous but then she started to compain against Lehi. Now! remember how important these plates are that they are getting! But Lehi, sweet Lehi, he comforts her. Remember how I was talking about parenting, earlier? Well, here's some pretty good marital advice, eh? anyway.

Some thoughts on Joy

They guys plus one get back and it says "their joy was full." This makes me wonder, what exactly is JOY? "Men are that they might have joy." But what does that mean? What is the difference between joy and happiness? We know that the morning stars shouted for joy and that we shall have great joy and our spirits shall recieve a fullness of joy. Some things to think about, for "joy" appears all over the scriptures, but what is it?

And, again, there was rejoicing and sacrifice, burnt offerings and thanks given unto God. How important it must be to be in a state of rejoicing and giving thanks for all we have! Nibley said one time this earth is here so we can repent and forgive and the rest is just filling time. Hm.

The Plates

Immediately after receiving the plates, what does Lehi do? He took them and searched them from the beginning! He sat down to edify himself on the words of the Lord. He read about Adam and Eve, Moses, and his peoples history. And he had his geneology. !

Let me get off topic here real quick. It has been said that the Book of Mormon must be false because there is no DNA evidence. For those of you that have some rudimentary knowledge of DNA you know the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) would come through the female line. However, at this time in Jewish history they were a patriarchal society so we don't have the female lineage in the book of Mormon. A more thorough look can be found at FARMS.

It's interesting to note, also, that in our old testament we do not have all the writings that the ancients had. Some has been lost, some mistransated, some taken away. The knowledge that was on these plates was what allowed Lehi's descendents to preserve their language, their civilization and (most importantly) their religious knowledge. These things were so important to the Lord that someone had to die for us to have them today.

So, as Lehi is finishing he makes a prophecy that the plates of brass would go forth to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people who were of his seed. And that the plates would never perish.

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