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1 Nephi 7 

I'm talking with a friend of mine about families. The purpose of, the importance of, etc. And where do I find myself in the scriptures but heading back to Jerusalem with the sons of Lehi to get some wives?

Picture this:

You have a friend who, along with his family, leaves overnight. Leaves their house, possesions and valuables. A while later, say, two months, his sons show up. "Hey, dad sent us, and the Lord wants you to come with us to the land of promise." What do you do?

Erastus Snow in the Journal of Discourses informs us that in the 116 pages we learned that Ishmael's (love that name) family was of the lineage of Ephraim, so we have "Ephraim and Manasseh (Lehi's family) growing together on the American continent."

We also get a time reference in this chapter, albeit not a very clear one. We know that by this time Jeremiah has been cast into prison, so, he's not dead yet, but the elders in the city are keeping him under wraps, so to speak.

Laman, Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael -
these guys had a really hard time dealing with the Spirit. They bound Nephi, and he prayed for strength and was able to escape. They would have killed Nephi but the women plead for his life. So, they begged for forgiveness and he "frankly" forgave them. Frankly. I looked it up in the thesaurus and this is what I got:
Openly; plainly; unreservedly; sincerely; candidly; freely; readily; unhesitatingly; liberally; willingly.
I don't forgive like this, actually, I don't forgive very well at all. I think this week I will remember Nephi and be willing to liberally forgive. See, here is this one little word (that, admittedly, I do have underlined) that can make for a whole tangent of thought. Fun.

I think I am going to come up with a code for they offered a sacrifice and gave thanks. Whenever you see
" ^ & # " it means prayer (see, it's going up) and sacrifice (like a grill, sort of.) and by the time we get to Moroni it will all be in bizarre little symbols.

Just kidding.

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