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Chapter 10 

Anyway, on to chapter 10? Are we in 10 already? (No, I missed chapter 9. I'll get back to it.)

Whoops. Wow.

Okay, Lehi is making predictions concerning Jews and Jerusalem. Now, remembering that we have lost 116 pages of Lehi's book, this must have been very important. (and, yeah, I am assuming that it's being repeated for our benefit, and if we had those 116 pages we'd be seeing it again.) Especially since some is reiterating Isaiah and Ezekiel.We talked about Jerusalem being sacked by the Romans, okay, but now we have a time reference! (Have we already done this? It feels like we have.) Great, in 600 years Christ will come! How awesome would it be to have been in the Americas and knowing when Christ would come? WOW! (I have that book at home, A Nephite Christmas story, so fabulous!)

Now I like verse 6: "a lost and a fallen state," because we are in alost and fallen state" and I think that people can feel that and that'swhy they look for either spiritual things or things to replace spirituality in their lives. So, look! Good news! A Redeemer! And wewill have a sign! Someone will come before him! (Sorry, excessive useof exclamation points.) And here he quotes, who? Isaiah! Of all the prophecies concerning the Messiah, he turns to Isaiah. Wow.

Now, before I continue on this chapter specifically, I have somethingto say about the area. And I am looking at John 1:28. Bethabara. Now,the example that I have to show my point is this: "Omaha" is made up of a bunch of parts; Bellevue, Millard, Benson, etc. When Robert Ludlum wrote the Paris Operation he had the President land in "Omaha," where Stratcom was located. Well, I hate to tell you but Stratcom is in Bellevue. BUT unless you are familiar with either the area or the Air Force, it doesn't matter. The area is the same. Jerusalem is like that. Jerusalem is very small. BUT the area is large. And it doesn't matter if they say "blah blah blah happened in gibberish" if we can to quote my favorite commercial "it's the same thing!"

Anyway, sorry about the detour and here we go: Okay, and this Messiah is going to be baptized of John in water. Baptism is a greek word, meaning immerse. That's all I have to say about that. Oh, and here, in 11, "after they had slain the Messiah," are there any lawyers out there? If you hire someone to kill someone else, are they not both accountable? So, yeah, they did it.

Let's look at Genesis 49:22 d, and we *boom* we see in this visual that the children of Joseph will be found outside of their homeland area. And not just gently spreaded about, but they have "run over." And we know that lots of people were leaving and being scattered about during 600 b.c., again, I say, cool! I love the grafted idea. This past Wednesday I celebrated by 13th adoption birthday! I was adopted into my father's family. Isn't that like grafting? After the gentiles receive the gospel, the Jews will be grafted back into that group. Aren't you excited for Jacob 5?! And here I made fun of him dwelling in a tent, when actually, lots of prophecy and preparation was happening.

BUT, like us, Nephi was wondering, "Hm. Is this true?" He desired to know. Now, this is fabulous because I just found this quote: "The answers you get depend upon the questions you ask." Hmmmm. Nephi reinforces this with the knowledge we have that God is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. (Isn't that reassuring?) and those that desire and seek will receive by the power of the Holy Ghost. I think the Holy Ghost comes up later, so I won't go into that now. Except to say that part of it's mission is to testify and here is Nephi, testifying by the authority of the Holy Ghost. Interesting word, authority.

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